Opinion: Transit is the Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year when lots of people start sharing their New Year’s resolutions and getting feedback on them. Here’s my feedback on a couple of my favourites.

“I’m going to get more active.”

Why not take transit? By walking from your origin to the transit stop, doing that walk-jog combo to catch a connection or two, and walking from the terminus to your destination, you’re moving. Multiply all that activity by two for the round trip and, hey, odds are you just got in that 30 minutes of recommended activity for the day without even thinking about it.

“I’m going to be more fiscally responsible.”

Why not take transit? (Actually, you could walk or bike for this one too). Most people spend a good chunk of their income on a car. My radical suggestion: ditch your car. Sign up for a car share (e.g. CAR2GO or modo), get a bike, walk more, or take transit; maybe even some, or all, of the above. Try running a calculation on how much you’d save without a car after you factor in:

  • initial purchase cost;
  • fuel;
  • deprecation;
  • licensing;
  • registering;
  • financing charges;
  • insurance;
  • maintenance;
  • cleaning, and;
  • parking.

“I’m going to give myself time to read and do other stuff I care about.”

Why not take transit? Instead of worrying about performing that domestic task of driving yourself places, let someone else do it. After all, you could be reading, sleeping, getting work done, among other things. And hey, if there’s a traffic jam, there’s nothing to stress about.

All the best in 2014. Here’s to another year or making smart travel choices!