Ladner’s Opportunity to be a Street Design Leader

Let me introduce you to my hometown, Delta, BC. More specifically, the suburb of Ladner. Ladner is a flat, highly walkable place and has missed, what I think, is a golden opportunity.

The greatest change in elevation that I can observe is 11m. Which is hardly a change when you consider it’s across an entire suburb. With the flatness that is Ladner, it’s disappointing to see that Ladner hasn’t evolved into a bike-fiendly place. With a little support from the corporation, we could be a regional leader in multi-modal infrastructure and active transportation.

Delta has been recently undertaking lots of infrastructure improvements and it’s really pleased me to see how they’ve incorporated the walking aspect into their improvements but they have completely forgotten the bicycle. Might I point out the recent “improvements” at


Arthur Drive & Ladner Trunk. While the intersection was widened and dedicated turning lanes were added to increase the flow of cars, pedestrian safety was jeopardized and the wider layout just encourages speeding. Might I note that this intersection is frequented by students who attend Delta Secondary (student body of about 1300). It’s too bad Delta has ignored that fact that most students can’t drive and are driven to school.

I would have expected Delta to get onboard and maybe treat students with dignity not only at this intersection, but also with the planned widening of Ladner Trunk East of Highway 17A and other projects.

Delta has an awesome opportunity to become a multi-modal city where all modes are treated fairly. In the future, I hope to see Delta taking the lead and building safer streets where everyone is welcome.